k cups coffee » I also wondering, how they can make this and called it enhancement? And how they make better version for Mac?
Saiful_jakarta_city » I agree with you. I am so confused of using Microsoft Office 2007 than Ms. Office 2003
Silver Markets » Nice to meet you! Have a nice day!
radical_dawg » I've been watching the microsoft 7 ads on tv and wondering if they learned their lesson from vista. Apparently, they thought that the problem was the name.
Rachel » I am impressed by your controlled rant, I have emotional meltdowns every time I log on. Microsoft is definitely one of my biggest PAINS!
currency converter » You have a blog and you can add a currency widget. Futures Press Inc offers this Currency Exchange Rate Calculator to calculate more than 100 world currencies with up-to-minute cross matrix.
Zombie » *poke*
Tay » your vocabulary is vast. And i understand where you are comeing from.
Splotch! » Hiya Sanjiejie. I have an extended bout of uncreativity going. Miss you, though. I still drop in to the Eugoogalizor from time to time.
sanjie » hello! iIknow its a long shot, but does Splotch still write here? It would be awesome if he did. I miss him. But i've been missing too. Not that you aren't awesome too, Mr Sinja sir.
Sinja » Heh. I understand so little about Excel that it kinda makes me nervous.
Jeremiadist » heheh - my boss - that is, one of the people i am technically supporting - keeps callign for help with exel 2007. I keep wanting to tell him that all his problems will be solved if he subtracts 4.
Deirdre » I was here.
Sinja » *dusts off* Ahh. There we go.
evie » ooooh hello
ashley » passin...
James » blog hop. nice layout!
Myles » i love your site!!! keep it up
Daniel » Blog hop. Very cool blog but definitely needs more posts.
7oneders » Blog hopped
Jahri-Ann » just dropping by
Mephala » Gorgeous design.
cutepsycho » howdy!
cutepsycho » hahaha! cookie!!!!
jygs » hi! just starting a blog... droppin by!
SpaceNoodle » boing
Em » hey this blog is heaps cool - love the sparky story
Elizabeth » I will be stopping here often!
Keely » This layout is amazing.
jujub » hi! thanks for visiting my site
ArmlessJohn »
Sinja » 10 comes next. Don't feel bad, it's tricky.
crack » 123456789.........?
jessica » Congratulation for great blog...
lolzprincessmwa » heyz ur blog is pretty cool. im just visitng some of the blogs on the favourites list. thax
Rachel » I want to make my blog teh sex... it isn't working for me... But yours is *thumbs up* Congrats and a bit
Seige » love the new editor! cool stuff!
plh » C O N G R A T S !!! - may BD live on in infamy hehehe
honey&vodka » interesting blog you have here, i shall be back!
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jm » hardisc5200.blogdrive.com
jm » welcome to downloads at my blog...
plh » he wenta which way up down sideways or backarsewards? lol
Debauched » He went thatta way.
Herb » Where IS Daveman? Anybody know? Anybody seen or heard from him?
Gloria » Is this a sausage party or what?
Daveman » Ah! So you're THAT guy. I often wondered who that masked man was.
J f Z » I visit. I drive by. I wave.
Daveman » I dont think anyone comes here anymore. Thats the last time I'll hang a blog member from the movie sign.
Daveman » Uhm - no. Uhm.. I uhm... Yes! I am an Anti-Taggite! I confess and I feel good.. very goooood about et.
kevin the one-armed » Daveman, are you an anti taggite?
J3sterJ0sh » I am the walrus btw
Santa_Claus » Merry Christmas
Daveman » GASP! You taggist you!
Sinja » I'm tagging here because I do things like that! I tag!
Daveman » Or not. Maybe?
Daveman » You say Hello! hello! and I say Goodbye goodbye..., koo-koo-kachoo. Uhm... sumpin like that.
Amirul B » Hello, hello!
Saladin » Hey, there he is! Inside your skin!
Daveman » I have no idea. I looked everywhere for him but he's nowhere to be found. Foe all I know he's probly hiding under my nose.
Herb » Hey! Where'd Daveman disappear to? Did the pod people pith him off? Did he die of HELMET ENVY?
CM » you disagree? what does it say on the author's page? are there perhaps multiple authors?
J f Z » Perhaps, in reality, that only means that he is in charge of herding the bi-polar kittens who leave entries like surprises in the litter box, but it's all good when we work together.
J f Z » I disagree. This is MD's blog. It says so on the manage page.
CM » I find smacking people around does get their attention. "Hello *smack!* there are multiple authors on this blog. Now you say it." something like that.
Daveman » Yeah - I pointed out to one person (cant recall who) that this is a Multi-Author blog. Guess what! It didnt take. But I tried! Should I have beaten her? Nah - the law is funny about stuff like that.
CM » his weedy blog.
CM » People always think this is his blog, it's nothing new.
Saladin » It is imperative. It is... your destiny!
Saladin » Congratulations, Dave! Your imposing sunglasses-wearing visage must become the new face for Brilliant Weeds!
Ladydin » Hey cool blog! Neat, for a guy. love the hair too. u dont need a comb, trust me.
Daveman » Tough Mangos?
Saladin » Um, Dave? I hate to break it to you, man, but that doesn't rhyme. Let's try this again.
Daveman » Tough crowd
kenneth » scruffy
Daveman » Seedy
CM » weedy.
Penny » Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!
Furzl » Cool blog. Thank - You
Genie » awesome blog!
Daveman » Wade's bruther, "Randy Bob". He wudnt in the contest but won by epoxy.
blueskelton » who won roe or wade?
dill » interesting blog name
Giggles » *rubs eyes*.....what are you doing here?
monileigh » the second time around that is...
monileigh » yeah, what cm said!
CM » ok so I haven't been here in a while. I'm here now, that's what counts.
CM » lmao. wrong blog to pimp that.
Em » I would have eaten it but now it's a bit old so I'll just use it (to clean my shoes).
Daveman » Sinj - i have der question ; You could "Use" a chicken sandwich or eat it? and if so - how do you use a sandwich? as opposed to eating it? OR do I really want to know. Never mind.
Daveman » Sinj - i have der question ; You could "Use" a chicken sandwich or eat it? and if so - how do you use a sandwich? as opposed to eating it? OR do I really want to know. Never mind.
Sinister Ninja » I could use a good chicken sandwich.
J f Z » yes, you could, blue.
Total BS » I could use a new face
Akira3099 » on the world wide web, he's king!
redrobot77 » in europe elvis is not that big...and europe is not that small
J f Z » majid: O.o Wrong blog to pimp that on, dude.
blueskelton » Elvis was the man