Entry: Dear Microsoft Monday, October 01, 2007

Dear Microsoft,

     Thanks for being such a tremendous pain in my ass, specifically, with your Microsoft Word 2007. There are many aspects that are spectacularly inefficient and irritating, and the one that is currently making me mad is that you are using a new file type to save standard documents. Saving files as .docx instead of the more common (and frighteningly convenient) .doc is kinda like putting the transmission lever of a car in the back seat. It's stupid and a pain in the ass.

     I was worried at first that your changes to Word would stop at the cosmetic and functionality, but you've also made it impressively difficult to access from other computers EVEN WHEN THEY ALSO HAVE MICROSOFT WORD 2007. So, thanks for that. I thought it was neat enough that you moved common functions around within the program, slowing the creative process by making me hunt around for simple things that used to be in very different places. Apparently that wasn't neat enough, though, so I applaud you for not stopping there.

     It would have been even funnier if you'd taken away the ability to save files as the apparently (you wish) obsolete .doc extensions, because then at least I could be furious every single day, instead of just when I need to transfer work from my laptop to other computers.

     Anyway, thanks for being such a pain in my ass. Also, good job on Vista. I like how my computer is as indecisive as four year old in the toy aisle of a department store. "Can I get this?" "Can I do this?" "Are you sure?" "Are you reeeeeally sure?" When I bought my laptop I described it with terms like "powerful" and "efficient." Thanks to you, I now get to use words like "scared" and "confused," which are much more fun to use anyway, especially for technology. So, thanks! Here's hoping the next operating system you introduce somehow incorporates cuneiform pictograms in the "help" section!



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November 7, 2009   12:18 AM PST
yup yup; absolutely true, what you just said. it's really irritating - i don't use the Word truckloads of times like i used to (with the old version). and when i do use it, it won't start-up, with a window suddenly appearing saying 'Microsoft Word is not responding'.
it's really frustrating and when that comes up, i just closed it and decided not to use it.
NEVER thought microsoft could... screw up...
October 17, 2009   12:58 PM PDT
Nice Job...thanks for all information...
June 23, 2009   03:02 PM PDT
While I completely understand the change users have to go through in th adoption of new technology, I also believe vendors should do all they can to make that transition easier.

Unfortunately, neither users nor vendors live up to expectations in the adoption of delivery of new versions. I think there were multiple versions of experiences - both good and bad with both Vista and Office 2007.

It is too bad the communication of the advances were not complete enough to allow users to understand and take advantage of them. For those user communities and organizations that gave the changes a chance and took the opportunity to learn have been pleasantly surprised.

One necessity of evolving technology is the requirement of the vendor to communicate completely without the advertising hype the changes, benefits of the changes, and provide "where do I find" buttons for users to locate commands. It is also necessary for the users to take time to learn the changes and not look at change as bad.

March 29, 2009   07:09 PM PDT
We share the same pain.
December 16, 2008   01:05 PM PST
I can't stand MS. With that said.

-The .docx format allows for extra formatting and saves files at roughly half the filesize.
-You can choose to save in 97-2003 .doc format, and have it set to save that way by default.
-People with 97-2003 can install a compatibility pack to view/edit .docx ..tis on google.
-Google "2003 2007 interactive [insert program, ie word, excel, here]" for AWESOME guides to help you locate commands from where you are used to them being. We send these links to our users when they get new computers with 2007 on them.
-I realize this is a real old post. Came to bd's front page on a whim and saw it there.
-Hi there, long time no see!
October 13, 2008   09:17 PM PDT
I hate Office 2007...

I recently sent out a word file that I thought was compatible with the older - but could my recipients open it? NO!

Hello, Google Docs...
April 7, 2008   10:50 PM PDT
I couldn't agree more, it's like the Estonian Windows XP version that actually sounds like Hebrew... finding things you know in English is extremely difficult... there are words in there that I've never heard of...
October 8, 2007   11:50 AM PDT
Eeew. I feel your pain. I had to get a new laptop and it took me two hours to learn how to make tables again. And their new IE sucks too. The so-called protected mode is nothing more than a paranoid dumb bot. Can't even recognise legit sites.
October 1, 2007   04:42 PM PDT
Scared and confused...

Yep, that's my Vista.

It is also highly spastic, as at least 15 times day, it drops my wireless connection, then asks me if I want to reconnect to my own network.
October 1, 2007   03:51 PM PDT
Ah the world in which you live in, filled with computers and stuff alike. Believe me when I see pple in JA would die for a windows 95 or Macintoch 95. This post is very interesting though, what's really interesting is the knowledge u have for computers, and Microsoft and stuff. I'd only wish for a piece of that knowledge..in the country i live in.
October 1, 2007   03:18 PM PDT
That's why ya gotta wait to get the next released edition of Vista and not the virgin one! I'm still having a fantastic love affair with XP... and my recollections of ME when it first came out are just plain scary. And involved a lot of blue screens of death. Tears of sorrow are welling up as we speak...

I must go and dare not speak of it again.

-dramatic sigh and runs away sobbing-
October 1, 2007   01:00 PM PDT

This entry is really funny. I particularly love the "scared and confused" reference.

But I'm terribly sorry that you're having the issues. :( Boo to them.
J f Z
October 1, 2007   11:49 AM PDT
Whp's pwning whp?

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