Thursday, July 20, 2006
Internet Superhighway= Internet Turnpike?

     The Internet Superhighway! Similar to the famed Geman Autobahn, which allows you to travel as fast as your engine and vehicle will allow; with the internet, your computer is your vehicle, and your connection is your engine. Websites are merely stops along the ride, and you can get from one to the next just as quickly as your vehicle will allow.

     Until now?

     What if telecommunications giants like Time Warner, AT&T, Bell South, and Verizon had the ability to dictate whose websites load quickly and perform better based on who have paid for the bandwidth usage?

     Well, they do.

     These telecom companies want to charge websites for the speedy delivery of streaming video, television, movies and other high-bandwidth data in an effort to be compensated for the cost of maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure that makes all this possible. How does this affect you? Webites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. are not going to eat the cost of this service, they will pass this on to consumers. This means higher prices for consumers all across the economy, because companies will be charging more for online advertising.
     Not to mention slow websites for those who haven't paid up. Independent bloggers, webcomics, and similar low-budget sites will be the hardest hit, with viewer/readership levels sure to plummet, as well as smaller businesses who will lose business because the websites don't perform like their large corporation competitors.
     In April, a measure submitted by Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts was rejected by a House subcommittee that would have prevented these companies from being able to charge this. Let's hope that other officials get on board so that Congress may vote to prevent this from happening.

Posted at 05:16 am by Sinja

August 30, 2006   05:07 AM PDT
Lmao. By the way, I'm going to spread the use of the word "shenaniganization." That is possibly the best word ever.
August 25, 2006   12:23 AM PDT
If their information is faster, then we must make ours more stealthy! Ninja-like, if you will.

Our information should slip seemlessly into the fortress of consumer-consciousness and... ummm... do something sneaky and quite possibly dangerous. Yeah. Like spray paint "Pwn'd" in big letters on the walls or rearrange all the furniture.

Corporations must feel the wrath of pointless end user shananiganization. Every time they take a step forward - we should take a step back... and half a step sideways... with a little swivel hip action and a bit of merengue.

Stealthy, sneaky, dangerous merengue!
August 11, 2006   07:12 AM PDT
It's really only a matter of time before Net Neutrality gets wiped away by what amounts to corporate interests. They always win, one way or the other.
July 20, 2006   01:13 PM PDT
well thats a reason to start praying isnt it! hey! LETS PROTEST!!!

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