Thursday, May 04, 2006
Brilliant Future 001

 Blogdrive I-Wear Entry Editor
Blogdrive WYSIWYG Entry Editor v. 3.57b

Welcome to the future.

MONROVIA, CA -- Blogdrive's Executive Vice President of Emerging Global Technology Acquistions division announced the launch of the 3.57b entry editor on the video conferencing multiscreen to the cheers of thousands of swag-wearing Blogdrivers at the Malaysian BlogCon2012 conference this evening.  BlogCon Malaysia attendance has surpassed the Tokyo Auto Show in recent years.

After the Blogdrive acquistion of the Tawian-based Neural Network start-up, Hudyang, many blog pundits forecast the emergence of neural editors.  Blogdrive has shocked financial market pundits with the 3.57b because it is the first low cost and functional product to truly work in the long-awaited I-wear market.

The 3.57b has not only been crowned product zero in the I-wear market by EEEI, but also its software has been rumored to be up for multiple awards for idiot-proofing among social networking and marketing industry groups.  Blogdrive's own logo serves as the 3-button comand interface.

When one of the 121.3 million Blogdrivers is using the the 3.57b editor, they can compose in the language of their choice, preview and verify their entry on the heads-up display, and then simply process that entry with one touch on the Blogdrive logo.  Tapping the orange control means cancel, blue saves draft, and green publishes the entry.

Blogdrive's Emerging Global Technologies division is currently working on the automatic classification of blog entries using the Neural Emoticon System Generator, but the roll-out of the NESG Blogdrive feature has been hampered by the recent inclusion of the bi-polar algorythm.

Posted at 06:46 pm by John Furie Zacharias

May 12, 2006   09:54 PM PDT
Ai, why do the Malaysians get all the good stuff?
J f Z
May 12, 2006   09:31 PM PDT
I have heard that the "Felpee" is illegal in many southern states of the U.S. Something about doing body shots from naked bisexual midget cocktail servers.
May 12, 2006   04:21 PM PDT
"Felpee" sounds like the dirtiest manoeuvre ever.
May 6, 2006   10:55 AM PDT
You son of a gun. I was going to post on this product on Battle Ready but was advised not to by a guy that looked familiar.

That guy advised me not to by tapping me on the shoulder and shaking his head.

The guy's name may or may not have rhymed with 'Felpee.'
May 6, 2006   02:19 AM PDT
Wow, last time I tell you a secret.
May 5, 2006   05:47 PM PDT
C O N G R A T S !!! :)

may BD live on in infamy hehehe
May 5, 2006   05:47 PM PDT
C O N G R A T S !!! :)

may BD live on in infamy hehehe
May 5, 2006   04:54 AM PDT
J f Z
May 4, 2006   07:35 PM PDT
LOL. Of course b stands for beta! Doh!
May 4, 2006   07:27 PM PDT
Awesome. go Go GO! 3.57b rocks

erh, does "b" stands for beta? hope not.

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